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Bendrasis Hostingas 3.04 € - 9.97 €
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Henk van der Linden

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Henk van der Linden,
If you are reading this review for a company like HawkHost you are probably just like me. You know the "Top rated" host can be nice but you also have this suspicion that there must be something better...Skaitykite daugiau hidden around, something that doesn't have enough marketing money and affiliate links to cause all these sites to put them in the Top 5. A hidden gem thats actually faster and of higher quality for a decent price.

HawkHost is that host, after trying them for a few weeks i was immensely satisfied and started migrating my other websites.

Every time you try to google a fast webhost you keep hitting the same bullshit reviews claiming a low ping is better then download speeds.
Claiming that these low pings make the site load fast and that you should get the affiliated host as a result.
HawkHost is a company that dares to be up front about quality, and for good reason.
If you visit their website you can have downloads and speed test pages from all there servers, you know the exact download speeds you are getting before having to sign up. This alone convinced me to try them out.

Alright, the network is crazy fast how about the specs of the server? Every webhost that has cPanel i always manage to get in the statistics page, for hawkhost this is also not hidden far away (I had to do much more effort for the big named company's as they sometimes really dont want you to see that). The statistics page revealed quite common statistics for a good host. The server isn't incredibly full, the CPU has plenty of space for your site and overall it is clear they do not overload there boxes. Swap however was sitting at 100% although i have seen this quite consistantly across these CloudLinux + Litespeed hosts so that might be a visual big more so then an actual problem.

As far as features go they have everything you might want from a cPanel host. Its to much to name specifically so ill point out the main ones such as up to date software. A range of PHP versions all the way up to 7.0. Free anti-spam appliances. Mailing list support, LetsEncrypt and Cloudflare support and many more as can be seen here on their website.

Finally we come down to support, my website somehow always tends to break when migrating to a different webhost. Somehow i always put in these tricks that are host specific and break on slight alterations. With hawkhost i encoutered a complicated issue caused by my complex .htaccess rules. When testing the site reported an IP from india. The indian tech support wasn't very helpful for this issue and reasonably quickly gave up and forwarded it to the internal department. There the LVL2 engineers where assisting me to locate the issue, although in the end i fixed it myself quicker with a workaround due to the uncommon nature of this specific problem. The support attempts after this where much more helpful, knowing how there support system worked i was worried i had to go trough the indian guys all the time having to wait longer for proper help, but this has proven untrue. The indian department is actually very helpful for the common issues most people find and will resolve most things reasonable quick. Things they can't solve will be forwarded to the internal department in canada so all in all support is pretty decent.

Finally ill end this review with some specifics, HawkHost seems to allow most outbound traffic. I had no issue communicating with any of the ports on my gameserver which i usually have problems with with other host as they need to open ports that in the worst cases get blocked later. This means HawkHost is a good host if you have to connect outbound to various sources. Inbound was a bit more problematic but still decent. They block all inbound traffic by default so you can't initiate a connection to the MySQL server from other applications. This means you will have to ask support to whitelist all IP's before they can connect and then allow those in cPanel as well. This should not be a problem for your applications, but can be a nogo if your MySQL developer needs proper tools and has a changing IP-adress.

All in all this host is incredibly good and should suit most of you perfectly no need to look further. However if you run a project which requires incoming non standard port (MySQL , etc) connections from various unpredictable sources this is not the host for you. There is a limit on 20 concurrent processes, which should be enough for most but is not suitable for huge websites.
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Hawk Host - kainos, planai ir funkcijos - 2023

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Plano pavadinimas Disko talpa Juostos plotis Skydelis Svetainių skaičius Kaina Balas
Basic 3 GB Neribota cPanel Neribota 3.04 € 2.2 Detalės
Standard 6 GB Neribota cPanel Neribota 4.58 € 2.2 Detalės
Advanced 12 GB Neribota cPanel Neribota 7.66 € 2.2 Detalės
Super 24 GB Neribota cPanel Neribota 9.97 € 2.8 Detalės

VPS prieglobos planai

Plano pavadinimas Disko talpa CPU RAM OS Kaina Balas
Basic 20 GB 1 br/ 1 GB 4.62 € 1.4 Detalės
Standard 40 GB 1 br/ 2 GB 9.24 € 5.0 Detalės
Advanced 60 GB 2 br/ 4 GB 18.47 € 5.0 Detalės
Super 100 GB 4 br/ 8 GB 36.94 € 3.0 Detalės

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  • 8
    Pinigų grąžinimas 30 dienų
    Nemokama sritis
    Hostinger apžvalgos 2423 apžvalgos
    Starting Price
    1.84 € / mo
    24 Prieglobos planai
    9 Data Centers
    Highly Affordable Plans With A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Extremely User-Friendly Hostinger Panel, A Free Domain, Lifetime SSL & DDoS Protection
    Powerful Developer Tools, Custom-Built WP Optimization Stack & Litespeed Cache
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  • 11
    Pinigų grąžinimas 45 dienos
    Eksperto atsiliepimas
    FastComet apžvalgos 1497 apžvalgos
    Starting Price
    2.30 € / mo
    18 Prieglobos planai
    12 Data Centers
    Fast SSD Storage for CMS Website Speeds
    Powered By 11 Enterprise-Class Datacenters
    Manage Unlimited Domain Names with cPanel
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  • 0
    Pinigų grąžinimas 30 dienų
    Eksperto atsiliepimas
    Hostens apžvalgos 246 apžvalgos
    Starting Price
    0.83 € / mo
    21 Prieglobos planai
    1 Data Centers
    Up to 80 GB Disk Space,16 TB Bandwidth
    Offer One Of The Cheapest Prices On The Market
    24/7 Customer Support Service
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  • 11
    Pinigų grąžinimas Nemokama bandomoji versija
    Eksperto atsiliepimas
    Kamatera apžvalgos 139 apžvalgos
    Starting Price
    3.69 € / mo
    25 Prieglobos planai
    12 Data Centers
    Purpose-Built, High-End VPS Data Centers Across 4 Continents
    Fastest Cloud VPS With Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
    Scalability And Ease Of Use
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