Neil Anuskiewicz has a passion for the technology that keeps the Internet running, such as networking, DNS, and email. He’s worked as a hostmaster for an ISP and as a solutions engineer for an Email Service Provider. He now helps small businesses use technology to solve problems and achieve their objectives.

Moving a WordPress Website

Parašė: , 2018 Kov. 5
Wordpress is by far the most popular Content Management System (CMS). It makes creating and especially managing a website’s content very easy with an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI). In a previous guide we covered the same process for a regular website (Moving to a New Hosting Service). However WordPress websites like all CMS managed sites uses a database, adding a layer of complexTęsti

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"Moving a WordPress Website"

Building a Responsive Website Using Bootstrap

Parašė: , 2018 Vas 25
Bootstrap is the most popular frontend web development framework. Bootstrap makes it  easy for anyone with a working knowledge of HTML and CSS and a web hosting account to design and publish a cutting edge, mobile responsive website very quickly. You can get the latest version, (Bootstrap 4.0.0  at the time this article was published) here. This article is for anyone with a working knowledge Tęsti

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"Building a Responsive Website Using Bootstrap"

Guide to Moving to a New Web Hosting Service

Parašė: , 2018 Vas 13
If your current web hosting service isn’t providing you the service that you need, then it may be time to switch hosting services. Many people are reluctant to move web hosting providers because they’re afraid the process of moving their website and email to a new service will be complicated and result in downtime. The reality is that if you learn how process works and spend some tiTęsti

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"Guide to Moving to a New Web Hosting Service"

Managing DNS for web hosting

Parašė: , 2018 Vas 8
The DNS is a distributed, hierarchical database, translating IP addresses, such as, into human-friendly domain names such as, making it possible to use the Internet without having to remember numbers. Many people compare the DNS as the phone book of the Internet. However, it’s not a phone book that you have to leaf through; the DNS usually works so fast that you donTęsti

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"Managing DNS for web hosting"

Ultimate Guide to Web Panels

Parašė: , 2018 Saus. 22
A web hosting control panel is a web-interface that enables you to manage and monitor all of your hosted services in a single location. Before the advent of control panels, managing hosted services required server system administrative skills.Web panels have put the power to control hosted services in the hands of the website owner or administrator, requiring only a web browser to fully manageTęsti

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"Ultimate Guide to Web Panels"