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Bendrasis Hostingas 4.33 € - 10.46 €
VPS 48.13 € - 284.40 €

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Tom Williams
Tom Williams iš Jungtinės Valstijos,

Non-existent support! STAY AWAY!!!

I've been maintaining sites hosted with site5 for *years*. At first, their service and support were great. I started out maintaining a dental website and later helped a friend host two of her photography websites at Site5.

Over...Skaitykite daugiau time, it took longer and longer for support tickets to get addressed. Since Sept. 2018, I haven't been able to contact technical support at all. They no longer offer phone support and no one responds to chat requests. I tried contacting them via email and was told to use the online chat system, which doesn't work.

From a pure hosting perspective, their service has been good. It's been stable and the server performance has been reasonable. However, if either of the sites we host with them now go down, I wouldn't have a way to contact support.

Lastly, the hosting cost now appears expensive, considering I can't contact technical support anymore. I'm in the process now of finding new website hosting.
Mr B Warned
Mr B Warned iš Jungtinė Karalystė,

Once good, now awful. Don't use.

Yep they got bought by EIG and now have terribly unreliable and slow servers, non functioning control panels, rude and obstructive and tech support that only resemble ninjas in the way they never seem to be there. Ticket wait time...Skaitykite daugiaus in the 10's of weeks. A service so mind bogglingly awful it will take you months to pull your site from them, but then when you do, the feeling of speed, reliability and peace will almost overwhelm you with relief.Mažiau

Great performance, excellent support, nice benefits.

As a graphic designer by nature, I abhor super technical web stuff but have learned a bit thru the years. For one: the hosting providers you hear about the most GoDaddy / Hostgator are the worst and most unreliable. You are a byte...Skaitykite daugiau in their scope of things: servers timing out, unnecessary load hangs and more expensive to boot. I really just had to float thru different reseller hosting plans thru the years until I started to know more tech-savvy people than I’ll every be.

Some programmer friends I’ve met over time recommended Site5 as being the best semi-managed reseller hosting vendor out there. So I looked up reviews online before jumping in and once I did, I dropped the tether on my other reseller. My performance is great on my sites; the WHM and ClientExec I use daily to manage accounts and invoicing. cPanel standard, not some infuriating bastardized version being peddled by other hosting companies.

Now I move my new clients to my hosting package and they are floored with the performance, which makes me look like a wizard and compliments my credibility. The times I’ve had issues, I’ve had prompt replies and great guidance. I’d hardily recommend Site5 to anyone who wants to host a site (except competitors :), with no reservations.

Site5 - kainos, planai ir funkcijos - 2022

Bendrosios prieglobos planai

Plano pavadinimas Disko talpa Juostos plotis Skydelis Svetainių skaičius Kaina Balas
hostBasic Neribota Neribota cPanel Neribota 4.33 € 2.7 Detalės
hostPro Neribota Neribota cPanel Neribota 7.83 € 2.6 Detalės
hostPro + Turbo Neribota Neribota cPanel Neribota 10.46 € 3.2 Detalės

VPS prieglobos planai

Plano pavadinimas Disko talpa CPU RAM OS Kaina Balas
VPS2 50 GB 2 br/ 1 GB 48.13 € 2.0 Detalės
VPS3 75 GB 2 br/ 1.5 GB 70.01 € 2.0 Detalės
VPS4 100 GB 4 br/ 2 GB 91.88 € 2.0 Detalės
VPS5 155 GB 4 br/ 3 GB 131.26 € 3.1 Detalės
VPS6 200 GB 4 br/ 4 GB 148.76 € 2.8 Detalės
VPS7 300 GB 4 br/ 6 GB 218.77 € 3.1 Detalės
VPS8 400 GB 8 br/ 8 GB 284.40 € 3.1 Detalės

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  • Hostinger
    Pinigų grąžinimas   30 dienų
    Nemokama sritis
    Starting Price
    1.22 € / mo
    17 Prieglobos planai
    7 Data Centers
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  • Kamatera
    Pinigų grąžinimas   Nemokama bandomoji versija
    Starting Price
    3.50 € / mo
    21 Prieglobos planai
    9 Data Centers
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  • ChemiCloud
    Pinigų grąžinimas   45 dienos
    Nemokama sritis
    Starting Price
    2.62 € / mo
    11 Prieglobos planai
    11 Data Centers
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