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sharon weinreis

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sharon weinreis,
After one and one half years I finally got a hold of an employee that really had customer service skills. The employee's name is Josh and his ID number is AB51320. I really want him to be honored by u...Skaitykite daugiaupper management for sending a check that was due to me for over one and a half years. He followed thru with the correct departments and got the job done. I had experience with employees hanging up on me, telling me they didn't give that type of refund, and shutting down the communication on line. Please give Josh a raise-he makes up for the employees that are just at work to collect their pay checks, and don't plan on really helping the public..Thanks JoshMažiau


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Jeff Norris
Jeff Norris iš Jungtinės Valstijos,

Century Link Internet Service, Houston Texas

I feel that my rankings are very accurate to the service I have received over the past 4 years. The reliability is very poor, let me explain, when it works it is great, very fast. When it does not work it is awful and customer sup...Skaitykite daugiauport offers nothing to help. I loose service about 4-6 days a month, every month for the past 4 years. After Hurricane Harvey I was without service for just over two months. It took nearly three months to get the billing credit issued and billing back to normal. I am writing this today as I have been without service now for three days and I am still waiting on Customer Service to call me back or to have the service restored. I think the billing department should run service, because billing come on time every time, while service at best is hit and miss.Mažiau

Century Link - kainos, planai ir funkcijos - 2022

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