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Maksas yra 26 metų autorius, prieglobos ekspertas ir programuotojas iš Rytų Ukrainos. Jis turi įvairių aistrų ir, be kodavimo ir dailės, Maksas taip pat dievina muziką, reguliariai pats ją rašo ir groja savo bosine gitara.

How to Add Swap Space on Your Ubuntu 16.04 Server

Step 1: Checking for swap information in the system

First of all you need to see if there is some swap space available in your operating system. However, you may be having more than on swap partitions or files but only one is sufficient.

Type the following to check whether the system ha...


How to Fix File and Folder Permissions Errors in WordPress

It's so frustrating when you receive an error while updating your website. File and folder permissions error is one of the most common errors seen while running a WordPress website.

As you know, WordPress has its own set of files and folders stored on the web hosting you use. And to apply any kin...


Storytelling for Copywriters: Reach More People, Hold Their Interest and Turbo-Charge Your Ads

Once upon a time, a good copywriter only had to write descriptive, informative copy about a product or service. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, content needs to be literally unforgettable. Copywriters and businesses who want to build an authentic bridge to an audience should consider employing classic storytelling skills: nothing forms a rapport like the sharing of stories.


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